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  • DEQI Headquarters Office Building

    DEQI Headquarters Office Building  [Details]

  • Panyu jewelry resort guangdong, Hong Kong, Ma...

    "After 40 years of reform and opening up, panyu jewelry has grown into a national famous jewelry industry processing base, known as" world jewelry brand processing factory ". Pei deming, executive vice President of guangdong fashion jewelry and accessories association and chairman of deqi jewelry packaging industry, said in his speech. "How the manufacturing strength of such a strong jewelry indus...  [Details]

  • The deqi jewelry packaging industry commendat...

    The deqi jewelry packaging industry commendation event was broadcast on April 24 at 22:00--22:40 on guangdong radio and television variety channel TVS3. On April 15, 2018, deqi jewelry packaging industry co., LTD. Is held by guangdong foshan deqi jewelry packaging industry co., LTD. The annual conference of 2017 fiscal year will be held ceremoniously. The meeting invited the chairman of guangzho...  [Details]